This guy's name never came up once.


Our grief counselor believes that travel helps with recovery. She strongly encouraged us to get out of town.

Mr. Clarke

Special Agent Shay, if you want to remain here you must do things my way. Is that understood?


What if Shay is right about the parents? Oh, I would hate it if he were right.


You know your rights, Jamie, but you're still here. Is there anything you want to tell us?


You said you wanted to stay in touch about this Gustavo guy, and then you didn't call me back for four days or even acknowledge that I exist.


Besides congratulating yourself on your own brilliance, is there anything here that stood out about the crime?


Shay: These are the controls. Can you show me how they work?
Tao: No, this is a prop.

I'm terrible with names. I know there's two women, two men and one Buzz.


Provenza: Consult? Here's an idea: Why don't we just ask Special Agent Shay what he did with the money and go home?

Are you talking about my day as a volunteer, because I've hardly felt crappier about anything I've done, and that's saying something.


If you are seeking a shortcut to hell, my son, you've come to the right place.


Major Crimes Quotes

I think Mrs. Palmer is in shock. She has already signed the consent form giving us permission to search the house so I'm giving her a moment.


Waddya know. A hanging Chad.