Curtis: Jim. This could be a good thing.
Jim: Curtis. Shut up and get over there.

You can tell all that from this video?


Mr. Resnick got angry and he chose to kill the person who made him mad.

Dr. Joe

Provenza: No wonder his bodyguard covered for him.
Taylor: He was with someone else.
Sharon: The night his daughter went missing.

Weber: I flew downtown.
Flynn: You mean, in a helicopter?
Weber: Traffic takes an hour. My helicopter gets me there in five minutes.

But in the penalty phase, all that Slider's lawyer needs to do is get one person on the jury to decide that, you know, the dirtbag wasn't all the way there and he's set for life.


I see why you guys like deals. It just goes on and on.


I don't think Slider is gonna be doing much Christmas shopping this year.


You can talk to him as soon as we're done here. But first the truth.


And something's wrong with your phone so you couldn't call, couldn't text? Or you just don't want to be friends with Gus?


Avery: Is this some kind of trick?
Sharon: Oh, I think you would recognize a con if we tried to pull one.

He thinks this is gonna be easy cause he's talking to two women.


Major Crimes Quotes

Waddya know. A hanging Chad.


Provenza: Oh this is a crappy way to make a living. Working with the worst the world has to offer without being in charge.
Flynn: You weren't in charge for eight years.
Provenza: Yeah, but now I'm mad about it.