I don't have time to explain. I need you to listen very carefully and answer my questions as simply as possible, do you understand?


He's looney-tunes enough to think his brother's wife broke up the band?


Brad Powell escaped with a gas can?


Change of plans. I just have one little errand to run and then I'm taking you back to the house.


Now, I'm still a terrible driver, so better buckle up.


ME: With this kind of decay it's hard to determine, but I can tell you she wasn't strangled, beaten, or shot.
Taylor: That's it?
ME: Sorry. This is what happens when you put off seeing your pathologist for a few months.

I think we're in the right place.


After all I've done here, are you really going to disappoint me again?


Writers are a bunch of nervous, high strung, self-hating crazies, calling all hours of the day or night, wanting to read their stuff over the phone.

Mr. Green

Provenza: I Mirandized him. Cause it's -
Everyone: Always the husband.

Monroe: We waive the review period
Grove: Oh no you don't, Mr. Monroe! Last time you waived review in front of me you used it to appeal. I have a week to decide whether to void the jury's sentence, and I'm taking it.

We the people in the state of California vs Gregory Rasnick, having found the defendant guilty of murder in the first degree, sentence him... to death.

Jury Forewoman

Major Crimes Quotes

Waddya know. A hanging Chad.


Provenza: Oh this is a crappy way to make a living. Working with the worst the world has to offer without being in charge.
Flynn: You weren't in charge for eight years.
Provenza: Yeah, but now I'm mad about it.