Oh God. The Rules. Why did I ask?


Rusty: And that other thing that you think you know? I am not ready to talk about that at all.
Provenza: Thank God.

Oh and one last thing. I'm not sure that you're aware, but that beautiful little girl that you asphyxiated in the trunk of your car yesterday, that was your daughter.


But when she gave me that car, I could tell. The way she looked at me?


Morales: No matter how many ways you look at it, some things never make sense. All I can tell you is they didn't suffer.
Sanchez: How do you know that?
Morales: Carbon monoxide poisoning. They were asphyxiated. Probably went to sleep inside a running car, inside a garage.

Hold on, hold on. We need to finish here first. And you need to keep filming. I want the jury to see this exactly the same way we did. OK Tao, open the other suitcase.


Rusty: Is that bad? I mean, how do you think I'm doing?
Dr. Joe: I think you have a lot on your plate right now, and we're not even looking at the whole plate.

Oh my God. I didn't think it was possible but Christmas just got more depressing.


Sanchez: Hey Lieutenant? Someone just swiped one of the victim's credit cards at the Target in Westwood. Store security is holding him for us.
Buzz: At least someone's getting their holiday shopping done.

Now I know we were scheduled to take this week off for the holidays. Don't blame me because we have a victim! Blame Flynn.


Nothing says Christmas in L.A. like a string bikini.


You were always rich, don't you get it? You had a father who cared so much for his family that he did every crazy thing he could do to try to make up for all of his failings. Having a dad like that means you were rich from the day you were born!


Major Crimes Quotes

Provenza: Consult? Here's an idea: Why don't we just ask Special Agent Shay what he did with the money and go home?

Waddya know. A hanging Chad.