Rusty, this essay makes you sound arrogant and conceited.


Jason: Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001?
Tao: Otherwise known as the PATRIOT Act.
Jason. PATRIOT is an acronym?
Provenza: Oh yeah. Someone was very proud the day they thought of it.

Contrary to what you see on television, it takes more than an hour to get the results on DNA.


Jason: So what's with all the blood?
Tao: It's what we call a clue, Jason. Excuse me.

That guys not our problem and don't say hot pursuit.


I downloaded the free version yesterday, and all I had to do was enter a screen name. Mr. Clean.


That's it? The gays. They have it made.


Don't be concerned about this witness protection business. It's not gonna happen.


Oh geez. Why do I keep putting myself through this?


One of the nice things about me DDA Rios, is that if I'm unhappy about something, people never really have to ask.


Provenza: Rusty has the right to have his guardian present!
DDA Rio: His guardian? Are you saying my witness lives with you?

Flynn: Okay, never ending budget crisis. The morgue can't get out here until 5 a.m.
Provenza: That's okay. She's got no other place to be.