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Tao: You'll be surprised to learn Vegas has a lot of scams.
Provenza: Whaaaaaa....?
Tao: Shocking, I know.

And you're right, sir. While we can't charge you twice for the murder of your wife, we can use her as evidence.


The husband did it, the husband did it, the husband did it.


And it shouldn't come as a surprise to you, but I can be bought!


Who stares directly into an airport security camera?


Tao: Lydia, what did you see when you went downstairs?
Lydia: I saw daddy stabbing mommy with a knife.

I know that I already said I was sorry for saying that you wanted to get rid of me. That was--that was terrible. And I don't really think that. I just feel like I don't really belong here sometimes. Which is weird, because you have been nothing but good to me, Sharon. I know that. I always know that.


Rusty: but he won't like me, Sharon. He'll find out everything about me and--I can't. It makes me feel like I have to run away, to be somewhere else.
Sharon: You can't get to somewhere else because the thing you want to run away from, you take it with you. Where you go, it goes. So before you run away, why don't you give him a really good look in the eye?

Rusty: I've been looking it up all day long on the internet. That whole parental rights thing. If he takes us to court, we're screwed. The law is on his side. We don't have choices. So don't say we have choices--either of us.
Sharon: We can choose how we react.

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