Giving that part of yourself to another person, it's as close to a sacred act as there is. So take your time. Please, know your heart. Make sure that he deserves you.


I'm not trying to put myself out of a job here, but the women who are coming in aren't looking for someone to fix their disfunction, they're looking for a mate.


Trying to control other people doesn't work, ever. The only person you can control is yourself.


Libby: If you were dying and you had one final moment to look back at your whole life, at the things that mattered the most to you, what would you say about our marriage?
Bill: That we tried our best. Both of us gave our very best.

The thought of not seeing you every day is not something I'm ready to accept just yet.


Libby: I want you to be happy.
Paul: Libby, I am happy with you.

I can't think straight when we're estranged like this.


Virginia: Going into a casino is much like going to bed with someone. They're both a means of escape.
Daniel: A way to leave behind the mundane chores of the day.

I can't give you any more of myself because I have already given it all.


You can yell at me. You can scream at me. You can call me all the names in the book, but do me a favor, do not insult my intelligence. I am a lesbian, not a moron. You have every right in the world to can me for what I did, but all I'll say is this, doc, I have been working here 7 years, and I have become an expert at looking the other way. Maybe it's your turn to do the same for me.


Human beings cannot survive without being touched. It's a basic, biological need hardwired into us over millennia of evolution.


If you're trying to figure them out, don't bother. Stonehenge is less of a mystery than those two.


Masters of Sex Quotes

I think women often confuse love with physical attraction.


Women fake orgasms, maybe all of em. Although I haven't checked my clipboard lately