Eric: I know it's none of my business, sir, but I know for a fact that Kensi's going to be back. Besides, she's irreplaceable.
Granger: I wish that were true, Beal, but it's not. For any of us.

I want to step up, I do. I want to be there for Deeks. The truth is I can't stop thinking about why I'm getting my chance now.


Callen: Hetty's always got a plan.
Granger: Well, she'd better have a good one this time.

In fact, if it were up to me, your trial would look like something straight out of Salem, the only difference being those poor women were innocent.

Duggan [to Hetty]

Get her [Hetty] some damn tea. Make it strong And get her some Scotch too. I want her awake and I want her talking.


Nell: I just think of our guys as indestructible. I think about how cool it is to be a special agent, and then something like this happens, and suddenly you realize how quickly it can come to an end.
Eric: Kinda makes you want to stay in Ops, huh?
Nell: Kinda, yeah.

It's a close one. Gotta go to the judges. And by unanimous decision, it's give-em-hell Nell.


Nell: I identified myself, I showed him my badge, he chose to ignore me.
Callen: A little piece of advice for you: Never ignore the Nellverine.

Eric: I know deep down you believe in me, sir.
Granger: You'll be the first one I call when the zombie apocalypse hits.

Road rage and a capture. You don't see that every day, even in L.A.


Callen: Like Deeks said, was it worth it?
Sam: Yes. We all know the risks. This is the path we've chosen.

Mrs. Deeks: You cook?
Kensi: No
Mrs. Deeks: You wanna learn?
Kensi: No
Mrs. Deeks: I like her

NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

How's your beach body?


Dallas: You're one chromosome away from being a monkey.
Sam: That's very nice.