Look at me! Who else would want me?


Dallas: You're one chromosome away from being a monkey.
Sam: That's very nice.

Guess we got hacked again!


Kensi: I minored in botany.
Deeks: You also majored in "bother me."

Deeks: Oh that's all very educational.
Nell: Oh yes, I'm learning a few things too.

Sam: MTE!
Callen: Huh?
Sam: My thoughts exactly -- what? I text with my daughter!

The Navy better have deep pockets!

Dr. Stanley

Sam: G's in the wrong place.
Callen: Yeah, where do you want me?
Sam: Not you, the letter.

Deeks: What, am I the only student of psychology here?
Sam: No, no, no go ahead Dr. Phil.

Give Sam time to do his job.


It's like finding a supervillain's bucket list.


You did all the work, I just followed your plan.