How did a neanderthal like Rex know to go for high tech property that belonged to Weber?


Rex had to have placed that thumb drive somewhere on Jo.


You're firing on all cylinder huh?


Deeks: There's a great hotel there that takes dogs if you want to come.
Kensi: Um, oh, wow.

The malware here is the worst of the worst. It's the stuff of nightmares.


The guy put a gun to her head, I want to have a little talk with him.


Kensi: I think he'll love it because it's coming from you.
Deeks: Not saying he wouldn't enjoy a leather gym bag even more though.

The level at which you understand marriage is outstanding.


Wow, well, he's a few crayons short of a full box.


Sergeant Johnson: Cadet!
Devin: Sir!
Sergeant Johnson: What would you?
Devin: We put our lives on the line for the greater good. We don't run away from an opportunity to save others.

Borders: What about us? What about Devin?
Sergeant Johnson: Even more reason to do this.

No one ever pushed me. People push you when they care.