Hetty: Well, intelligence only takes us so far.
Nell: Why is that?
Hetty: We're human.

Sam: Take care of yourself.
Kamal: Don't do anything stupid, got it.

Two teams, two theories. That's what I call a perfect solution in an imperfect world.


I'm sorry I insinuated that, I meant to be very clear.


Hetty: She just hung up on me!
Beal: Rough call, wanna talk about it?
Hetty: No I don't Mr. Beal.

Sam: G, I love you like a brother, but we basically have nothing in common.
Callen: Sure we do!

Told ya I was screwed.

Agent Richards

You know, if you mind this less of a teaching moment, you could get back to your work faster.


Sam: Burpies??
Granger: Burpies.

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Deeks: Maybe we should take a night off every now and then.
Kensi: Im so glad you said that.

The spy game has more in common with selling used cars than we'd like to admit.


And you're calling me? A liar?