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Percy: Off to Oversight. Off to see the wizards.
Amanda: Before it's too late?
Percy: Oh, it's already too late.

There might be hope for little miss Udinov after all.


Rome: Cause of death mostly like hemorrhagic shock.
Percy: That, or a broken heart.
Rome: Shock is more likely, though cardiac arrest may have been a factor.
Percy: Thanks Rome.

Did you kill my father? I need to know.


Michael: You rigged this whole thing.
Percy: And I couldn't have done it without you.

Nikita is a light woman with a heavy foot and a lot of tracking.


Nikita: My life is on this box, the lives of people I care about.
Fletcher: I'll guard it with mine.

Fletcher: Well somebody did try to kill him.
Malcolm: It's not that, I've never been offline this long.
Nikita: Ryan will get you back online as soon as possible.

Nikita and Alex are en route. When it's over, clean them both.

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