Chuck's mom (to Chase): Hey, I know you. You're my bartender.
Chuck: Bar manager, and he's also a pilot.

And you all take down that website or I'll post your photos, and they're all from bad angles.


Haley: Maybe I'll call the Dean.
Nikki: Like the Dean of Princeton would listen to some whack job in a cape.

They're not crypts, they're kids. More specifically, they're stuck up little bitches that need to be dealt with.


Chase: We got plans today remember?
Chuck: My dad says guys can always flake on each other.

Quinn: Kinda makes you Super Haley.
Haley: That's so dumb. Why would I include my real name in my super hero name?

Brooke: You haven't even heard my idea.
Haley: Fine, what is it?
Brooke: We should be super heroes.

Nice they make 'em for guys?

Chuck (to Chase)

Chase: I could be a big brother. I've always liked playing with kids.
Mia: Yeah, don't say that out loud.

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