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Alex: It doesn't feel right to be eating while she's in there.
Nicky: Straight girls. They'll f*ck you up every time.

I swear to God, if they let me out of here, I will shut up. I will shut up and I will put my head down and I will do my time and I will smile at Healy and I won't go near him. I can do that. But please don't leave me here. Please.


Wake up Healy, girls like me, we don't go f*ck ignorant, pretentious men with lesbian obsessions. We go for hot, tall girls and we f*cking love it. So that leaves you on the outside with your sad, sad little life. So you don't get me ever! So go f*ck yourself!


Healy: Alex Vause is sick. I get you. You're not like her.
Piper: The only sicko here, is you.

You want your pills? You can go stick your head in the toilet. There might still be a few floating around.


Pornstache: Chapman, what are we not to do this Thanksgiving?
Piper: Commit suicide.

Pennsatucky: And you're not invited, because they don't allow gay people on the rapture bus!
Alex: There's a bus?

Trimmings? The shit nobody else wants. That's a bag of assholes right there.

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