I ruined my miracle by getting thrown in the SHU. Which was seriously the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Even counting that time I smoked crack thinking it was meth and then took four shots of Everclear and ate cat poop.


Daya: You make it sound like she's drugs.
Aledia: The worst kind. She's gonna make you feel better than you ever thought you could, then drain all your money and ruin your life. You're always gonna need her. And even when you hate her, you're gonna love her.

I have a birthmark on my left butt cheek that's shaped like a scarab. Doesn't make me Cleopatra.


Because I wear protection, so I haven't caught whatever form of syphilis you have that caused your soul to rot.


I don't have rage. I'm just sad.


I made kids, and then I fucked them up.


Taystee: You got to stop using slavery as every time you wanna justify some foolishness.
Black Cindy: I'm just using it as a placeholder until I become Jewish, and I can pin it on Hitler.

You know what the worst part of becoming a woman is? Having to participate in this catty, backstabby bullshit!


Hardcore? I worked with the Russian mafia. We make the Italians look like guppies.


Nice group you got here. Congrats on nothing.


Big Boo: Did he force you?
Pennsatucky: Well, I'm not gonna lie. I mean, I could've used a bit of a warm-up. Doesn't really feel any good when you're not ready.
Big Boo: You know there's a word for that, right?
Pennsatucky: No. No, it's not his fault. I was the one. I was flirting too much. I was smiling, and I was really confusing.

It was fun for a while, but the fun just started to seem like everyone was covering up the empty feelings.


Orange is the New Black Quotes

Janae: Black people can't be racist. We have no power.
Black Cindy: I'm gonna have to call bullsh*t on that. I'm sorry, look, we may not be able to act on our racism, like, put people in a ghetto, send them to sh*tty schools...-kill 'em in the back of police vans. But we sure as sh*t can be racist as everybody else, because this is America. Land of the free, home of the racist.

Freida: Haven't you ever killed someone before?
Alex: No. Have you?
Freida: That's personal. But if I had, I'd know better than to waste my time digging one six-foot hole when I could dig six one-foot holes.That's just murder math.