Little Ceasars. It's the only thing better than getting what you want.


Did it ever occur to you that we don't want to get in touch with our feelings? That feeling our feelings might make it impossible to survive in here?


[to Daya] You was raised in a non-traditional setting and you turned out great.


I can't believe it. I fell in with the bad nuns.

Nun Lite

Vee: How much worse you want this to get?
Poussey: How much worse you got? Bring it. What have I got left to lose?

Vee: We're not neighbors. You live in my house.
Poussey: Let me ask you something. You come back to prison on accident or because outside you're too weak for anyone to take serious?

Riot gear. How is that going to prevent rape?


This shameful sexual violation is really workin' out for ya, isn't it?


Leanne: Someone's cranky.
Yoga Jones: Excuse me. If someone hadn't just joined the strike this morning, they might be cranky, too.

Bennett: Daya, I would go to jail.
Daya: Well at least we would be even.

What is the oldest trick in the book? Poop? In a bag? On fire?!


Piper: Why don't you get me an iPhone so I can take pictures and play Candy Crush. I told you before, I'm not risking my freedom for your f*cking byline.
Andrew: Piper, this woman is a criminal.
Piper: Yeah? So am I.

Orange is the New Black Quotes

I was there for Alex. She was what I paid attention to. Who I paid attention to. Everything else was just background


I want you to understand. You do not have to have lesbian sex.

Sam Healy