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Max: It has come to my attention that there is a basic scale of affection on which all human relationships operate and when a boy and a girl fraternize it's important to understand where on that scale their feelings for each other lie.
Dylan: I missed this part of the talk, but I can dig. What are my options?
Max: The scale is from one to five with five being the peak of affection and one being firmly in the friend zone. In our case I like you at a five. Now, I need to know the best quantitative representation of your feelings for me.
Dylan: Um, how about a two.
Max: I can deal with a two.
Dylan: You can?
Max: Yes. Two was approximately my mother's number for my father when they met, though that changed over time.
Dylan: I see.
Max: In any case, the scale is fluid, and I imagine I have a decade, maybe more, to change your mind. I have to go to class. I will talk to you later Dylan.
Dylan: Hey Asperger's! Maybe a two and a half.

Zeek: We're early?
Crosby: Yeah.
Zeek: I had my eyes closed, I feel like I've gone through time.
Crosby: [laughs] You're a day early.

Crosby: What if I told you you can't dance anymore. You could get hurt dancing.
Jasmine: That's not the same. Let's just talk about it later.

Kristina: Hey bud, what cha doin'?
Max: Studying.
Kristina: The trash?
Max: That's ridiculous. Why would I study the trash? I'm studying Dylan.

You know, you don't have to pretend that you're strong that you feel. You don't. But you have to try. You do.


Ruby: What are you wearing?
Sarah: What?
Ruby: Is that Forever 21?
Sarah: No. It's ah.. sometimes 40, I guess.
Ruby: Nice try.
Sarah: Thanks.
Ruby: Valiant effort.

Sarah's a big part of my life. She's gonna be a big part of Ruby's. I want that. That's what I want.


I don't know about you, but I feel fully sound-bathed. You know? Sonically cleansed to the max.


It's so cool that you have your head in the middle of the living room, grandpa.


I think she is out of control, though, because we're out of control. I mean, what are we doing? I don't know, are we stalling? The uncertainty of us is too much for her.


Crosby: No no no. We discussed that the boy couldn't ride the motorcycle, but I, as a grown ass man, am gonna ride the motorcycle.
Jasmine: No, you're gonna drive the minivan.
Crosby: I am not driving the minivan.
Jasmine: Really?
Crosby: There's no world in which I am driving that minivan.

Zeek: Why the hell would I want to walk around the couch?
Camille: Well, because you gotta start movin'!
Zeek: If you want to run around here, you knock yourself out, you go right ahead, but just duck when you go by the TV.

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Does the not father want to cut the cord?

Nurse Natalie

Yeah, I'll even do ballet for a burger and pie.


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