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You shouldn't be putting all this pressure on yourself. They don't start out this age. They don't start out as big as Max. They start out little and tiny and they don't talk or do anything except poo. You can handle that.


Amber: I can't have a baby if I can't put a car seat in my car.
Sarah: It's my fault anyway, I let you watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High too early.

Well he didn't want to go with anybody, he wanted to go with you. And he wanted you to love it because your grandfather, who you know, FYI, just had open heart surgery, maybe he wanted to do something with you so that in 50 years you can look back and have all these same fond memories that he had shooting with his dad when he was your age. But, yeah, wow. What a selfish jerk.


Hank, this is not about a movie. Don't you get that?


It's not an asset, it's a home. And it kills me to work away from it, but I hurt you and I own that. I get that. So I don't want the house. If I can't have you in it, I don't want it.


How can you have a car that is incapable of transporting children if you are about to have a child?! You are going to be the worst mother in history!


Amber: What's goin' on?
Adam: You asked me to be honest with you. I don't have a backup plan. And I don't have a backup plan for my backup plan. I just know that I'm not gonna quit until you get this raise that you deserve. OK? We're family and we're gonna take care of you. OK?
Amber: Thanks boss.
Adam: I love you.
Amber: I love you, too.

Crosby: I love our house. I don't want to leave her. I'm so sorry I got us into this situation.
Jasmine: I love our house, too. You built us a beautiful house and the Luncheonette is an amazing place and you made it happen. But I don't care about any of that. Losing those things doesn't scare me at all. You not talking to me and you running off in the middle of the night? That scares me. Hey. You're my guy. For the rest of my life. You're all we need.

Max: We've now had two dates. Would you like to stay the night?
Dylan: Ummm...
Max: I read online that I can ask that now.
Dylan: Sure!
Kristina: Buddy, I'm gonna weigh in real quick. I don't think going online is the best way to figure that out.
Max: She only likes me a two and a half so there is no desire for intercourse.
Dylan: TMI dude!
Kristina: Alright that is not appropriate, intercourse.

Yes. Everything's growing except my salary.


You're funny and you have nice eyes. You know, when you actually looks directly at someone.


Julia: I am seeing Chris, yes, that is who I have been seeing and I have a right not to feel bad about that.
Joel: You have every right. What you do not have a right to do is to go around introducing our kids to whoever it is you feel like sleeping with that week.

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Does the not father want to cut the cord?

Nurse Natalie

Yeah, I'll even do ballet for a burger and pie.


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