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Amber: And you, with what you're going through, I know it's scary, but you're going to get through it with such strength because of how strong you are and we all get our strength from you, so you're going to be totally fine. It's going to be OK.
Zeek: I wish you were my doctor. Oh Amber. You are an amazing girl, sweetheart.

Zeek: Oh no, sweetheart. I'm gonna be there to see this child born, OK. I'm going to hold him or her in my arms. I promise. So you keep the picture.
Amber: OK.
Zeek: And you show it to Ryan.

Sarah: I realized I forgot to tell you about all the good stuff.
Amber: I'm so scared.
Sarah: I know. Me too. We're gonna be OK. We're gonna be OK.

Adam: What if you die, Dad. What am I going to do them?
Zeek: If I die, you take my ashes and you scatter them over center field at Marine park and then play a game of baseball over me, because I'm going out on my terms.

Also this is not art, this is slave labor. You could be arrested for this.


Jabar: We don't sound very good.
Zeek: You guys are not The Jackson 5, that's for sure.

It is crazy. It's no crazier than saying gluten causes tantrums.


Like who do I think I am? Oprah? Like I can just open a school and it will be great?


There's not much to talk about Cros, it's elective surgery and I've elected not to have it.


Zeek: Waddya want? Why are you here?
Crosby: Can't a young man just drop by and visit his father?

First thing she said was no questions. How do you stay married? It's a miracle.


Joel: This is clearly a reaction.
Julia: Ya think?
Joel: Yeah. This is not like her.
Julia: No. This is not like her. At all. You know? And moving out and giving up on me was not like you. At all
Joel: C'mon. Stay and with me, please.
Julia: Are you kidding me? I begged you for a year just to talk to me and tell me what was going on and you refused to do that and that broke me. And I'm almost OK, so you can't come over and talk to me about my dad. You can't kiss me. You can't pretend like you didn't destroy me. Because you did! You destroyed us. All of us!
Joel: I'm so sorry.
Julia: OK. Well, I'm gonna be OK. I can handle it. I don't know if the kids can.

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Does the not father want to cut the cord?

Nurse Natalie

Yeah, I'll even do ballet for a burger and pie.


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