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OK. Just for the record? These are not the world's best waffles.


Amber: What's the apartment like?
Drew: Sad. It's like a whole complex of Uncle Joels.

Max: I hate the other kids.
Amber: I understand. I had some pretty rough times in middle school myself.
Max: Not this rough.

To keep my kid at home. Not the kid who pissed in his canteen. You're gonna punish my kid? This is asinine.


Really? You had a negative outlook about something? That's a shocker.


Asperger's is supposed to make me smart, but if I'm smart then why don't I get why they're laughing at me?


Hank: I do. I do have the wrong idea.
Sarah: What do you mean?
Hank: There's a million Bravermans out there. Every corner there's a Braverman. They're like Starbucks. But you come here. You come to me. Every time. Why? I'm getting the wrong idea. I got the wrong idea.

Alright, I'm sad. I'm sad about Amy and I want to smoke week and write bad songs.


Joel: You should have just seen him, Julia, he's melting down in front of me and I feel like all these abandonment issues are coming back and...
Julia: Because you moved out.

Zeek: Well, let me ask you something. What the hell are you doing?
Joel: What the hell am I doing? Well, I'm trying to figure things out, you know? Figuring things out.

What I did not know was that I was runner up when it came to godfather.


Why is she calling? I don't want to answer. Oh my God. What if grandpa died! Don't laugh.

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Jasmine, you are my family!


I think what makes me the angriest is that you would go somewhere that I can't know where you're safe.


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