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Isn't funny how your old boyfriend turned out to be a stalking wackjob?


Emily: Did you have an accident?
Spencer: What? No!
Hanna: Well, are you going to? What is up with those shower shoes?

You know Spencer, she's a total stress case. A garbanzo bean in the wrong salad bin is enough to make her wig out.


Hanna: Are you a speed freak?
Emily and Aria: Hanna!

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Oh God, Aria, will you wake up? This is exactly the kind of deer-in-the-headlights behavior that almost got you shot in the back of a nightclub.


Aria, if it were me, I would have burned this whole place down.


Will you make sure real teacher gets this?

Emily (to Ezra)

Don't get up. I don't want to accidentally run into your mouth again.

Hanna (to Holbrook)

Fantastic. I will go upstairs and fill this with my dignity.

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