Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty little liars
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Ok, Mona, we get it! You can freaking sing!


Right now we're just as big and fat as she is.


I'm sorry, do we seriously have to remind you that you were never actually kidnapped?


When you ask the organ grinder a question, you don't really want to hear from the monkey.


Spencer: Hanna cannot be stumbling around the halls of school like she's on a bender in Cancun.
Caleb: Hey, what's wrong with Cancun? Don't knock it til you been there.

Alison: You're a little loud.
Spencer: You're a little crazy!

If I can't spell it or pronounce it, I can't go there.


Are you here to fingerpaint or to speeddate the orderlies?

Radley Nurse

Hanna: I thought we were meeting for lunch.
Caleb: What time is it?
Hanna: Uh, half past I'm hungry.

Some of us know how to keep our mouths shut.


What? I had to have something to wash down all that baloney we had with dinner.


Aria, why would I slip you into a conversation? You guys have done enough slipping on your own.

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Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Different name, same bitch.

Spencer [about Ali]

Mona: Which one of you girls is best at hiding the truth from someone who's close to you?
Spencer, Hanna, and Emily: Her!
Aria: Wow, thanks guys.