Private Practice Review: "A Step Too Far"

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As always, previews have a way of hinting at huge developments, but an underlying intent to mislead viewers consistently remains. I know this, but I thought this time would be different. Actually, I almost always think: This time, it will be different.

I really wanted Addison to finally be pregnant and have a healthy baby. It seems like we have been waiting for this for quite some time now, doesn’t it?

Maybe it was more so because of Kate Walsh’s recent “I feel like a loser” comment about not having kids in reality, but she does deserve to be happy and have a baby in both Private Practice and in real life.

Addison: Voice of Reason?

Nevertheless, all of the pregnancy symptoms summed up to a negative pregnancy test and an unaffected Sam. I remember him as once a caring and supportive guy and miss seeing him that way. Sam hasn’t shown an ounce of remorse or regret since his moment of infidelity, and Addison deserves so much more.

Elsewhere in "A Step Too Far," I get that it was Violet’s launch party, and she’ll cry if she wants to, but she had only one bad review. She should be thrilled.

As a successful therapist and now published author, you would think she should have a thicker skin, but then again this is Violet. As carefully critiqued, she is definitely a narcissist and has kind of thrived off of acceptance.

Luckily, Sheldon finally gets the girl with Dr. Marla Phillips, the critic who negatively reviewed Violet’s book. She’s smart and tough, but respectively fair, and is seemingly a good fit for Sheldon. He’s unbelievably witty, and I’m hoping to see more of this relationship develop.

While Addison and Pete help a surrogate who is caught in a love triangle with her sister and brother-in-law, Cooper and Sam unsuccessfully tried to convince a family that their son’s health is more important than his wrestling career.

As for the former medical case, I am glad that Claudine decided to give the baby to her sister, Lorraine. Addison was right – Claudine had to decide between Elliot and the baby, and she could not have it both ways.

As for the latter medical case, it was heartbreaking to see what it would take for Tyler’s family and him to finally realize that Tyler’s health must come before wrestling.

Moreover, Cooper realized that he wanted to accomplish more like the other doctors. With Charlotte by his side, she reminded him that at the end of the day, they all just want to be doctors.

Overall, this was a solid Private Practice episode. What did you think?


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@Rubs Violet doesn't even know Sheldon is interested in Marla. Sheldon asked Cooper, who offered his opinion on how he thinks Violet will react. That's not the same as Violet telling him not to date Marla. We'll see what happens when she actually finds out, but right now you can't blame Violet for anything when it comes to Sheldon and Marla.


ohhh come on it is good she is not pregnant... i'm really sick of miracles happening in medical series ...she wanna have a baby .. she can adopt .. or have a surragate mother .. it is not the end of the world ... it is good to show how infertile mothers suffers ... come on .. and break up with sam and hook up with someone else...


Hate Sam!!!!! "Nothing happened between me and Naomi"??? Escuse me?? What about kissing her the way he did and spend the entire day her girlfriend came back from her death mother's house chasing Naomi to tell her "don't say you didn't feel there is still something between us"?? What has happend to him?I don't even recognize him.
And after all everybody have stand from Violet,especially Sheldon, I can't believe he is actually letting her selfishness interpose in his potencial relationship


I wasn't at all surprised by the negative pregnancy test. With Addie's major fertility issues and the promo pretty much telling us Addie was pregnant, it just made sense that she wasn't. Law of television. If it looks like someone might be pregnant, you can pretty much bet your life they're not. Had there been no promo focus on it and no other character suggesting a potential pregnancy, however, then the last scene of the episode would've been Addie looking with disbelief at a positive pregnancy test. But even though I pretty much knew Addie wasn't going to be pregnant, doesn't mean I'm not sad and disappointed, because I really wanted to be wrong. Addie's wanted a baby for years :( However I am happy that she finally stood her ground on the baby issue. It's about time she stops following Sam's lead and starts demanding something from him. That is something I've been waiting for this whole season. I've really been disappointed with the AddiSam relationship this season. They got boring, fast. Sam turned into a jerk, dictating the relationship. Addie became blind to Sam's faults, calling him perfect/flawless and even worse, accepted everything Sam dictated. So I'm happy to see the trend changing. Addie's being more realistic in the way she views Sam and she's finally not backing down on the things she wants. I only hope this trend will continue. The best thing this episode, and this season, in my opinion, has been the Violet and Pete relationship. They've really come a long way, overcome all the hardship they've been through and found happiness in each other. I loved seeing Pete embracing the supportive husband role this week, from breakfast cuteness to evening sweetness. Usually television throw in massive amount of drama to keep relationships interesting, while here we have a very happy couple who remain interesting without the massive drama insertion. I always look forward to seeing more of these two. Charlotte and Cooper didn't really have that much room to play this week, but the little they had was good. Last season I was so angry with Cooper's behavior that I actually stopped shipping them, but they've really managed to bounce back in such a way that I'm once again cheering for them. I only hope their progression continue :)


I just wanted the miracle to happen!!! it was so sad, but at least Addy is now determined to have a baby. I hope she dumps Sam, he has been total jerk lately and there is nothing left of his caring and loving side. He seems to not care about Addy at all!!!:@:@:@ I really love how Amelia is 100% there for Addy, i never felt that Naomi was, even before the Sam-thing. Naomi was always very judgemental and to her her problems were always more important. Not to mention how she is acting lately, cant wait for her to leave!!! i dont understand why pete and violet have been made into this "happy" couple! i see no chemistry between them, how they became a couple i cant buy and they are so boring together. i cant care less about pete´s family now, he has become so boring ever since he and Addy broke up. Charlotte and Cooper i like more and more and i am really happy that they´ll get married soon!!! but to me, this show of course is all about Addy!!! i hope she´ll be happy!!!


I don't think Addison has any eggs left. Three years ago, she had two eggs left. If one understands the menstrual cycle, those eggs are gone by now.


I had a feeling that Addison wouldn't be pregnant but it was still sad to watch her go through that. All this time, we've known how much she wanted this and too see her feel so bad about it and Sam be so unaffected was sad and frustrating to watch. I still want her to have a child but at this point, I don't want her to be with Sam anymore. I despised his dishonesty regarding his infidelity and how unsympathetic he was about the situation with Addie. I think at the end of the day, this episode was to show how Addie and him just aren't on the same page anymore. I like how Sheldon is finally getting a story of his own and I want to see how Violet handles the news of his relationship with her critique, etc. However until now, I 'm still not 100% convinced on the relationship between Violet and Pete. There's just something lacking between these two. As usual, I liked the moments between Charlotte and Cooper. I think this was a really important episode for Cooper because he was going through insecurities regarding his career and it was so nice to see Charlotte beside him through that. Even if Charlotte was hard on him in the beginning, her reassurance at the end was beautiful to watch.


anyone else find alex kingston distasteful without her english accent? im a huge ER fan and was excited when i saw that she was going to be in the show, but i hated her without her accent.


c est l un des meilleurs épisodes de la saison;plein d espoir et d amour. addison et amelia sont de vraies amies.


non addison n est pas enceinte.quel dommage.elle le mérite vraiment.j espère de tout cœur q le test s est trompé.un bébé c est c qui lui faut pour être heureuse.

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