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Grown-ups are supposed to know what to do, but when we get scared sometimes, we don't.


If you're still in love with the Grey girl, go back to Seattle.


Addison: Have you ever considered adoption?
Sloan: Like when you pick parents from the Pennysaver?
Addison: No, that's just in Juno.

The problem is you are a sex toy I found on the Internet.


It's not my fault you are not a man.


You are gonna have to look in the mirror because the pot is definitely calling the black. Screwing is all you do.


Mark: What the Hell do you care, Sam?
Sam: I just care.

I care about Mark Sloan. I loved him once... sure, he's got a screwed up moral compass. But so do I.


Mark: Plastics.
Charlotte: Sexology.
Mark: Sexology? God, I love L.A.

Sloan is a Dachshund. Dachshunds like to eat poop.


I'm not the one that blew up the house.


Mark Sloan had you naked within an hour of his arrival. Now, what does that say to you?

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