Violet: He recognizes something in me, something that makes him feel whole.
Some talk about the camp David Summit, some chat about how we can't possibly, the Secret Service is... The next thing you know, I have a Presidential Library in Little Rock and there's a legendary picture of me and Bill laughing and sharing sections Of "The Times" while our child plays under the dinner table... And... orgasm.
Naomi: You're really over Allan, aren't you?
Violet: Oh, I got Bill now. Bill's all I need.

Violet: William Jefferson Clinton.
Addison: Huh?
Violet: It's 2010, Bill and Hillary have grown apart, it's nothing he did, just... it happens. We inexplicably run into each other a the Lincoln Memorial, and it's very late at night.
Addison: Oh. My. God.

Okay, she did not have to tell me that.


Pete: We were not...
Addison: I am leaving, I'm hitting out.
Pete: What just happened?
Addison: Pete the cowboy, Pete the gladiator, thank you for that. It'll help.
Pete: Help for what?
Addison: Just this itch I've got.

Addison: You hit some one?
Pete: I know. It's stupid and incredible...but this guy, he was a... he deserved...
Addison: No it's not that, it's hit someone, with your fist, like a cowboy, like a... gladiator!
Pete: Yeah, yeah, like a gladiator.

Addison: Come here, let me see. Don't be scared. I'm a board Certified...
Pete: ... Neonatal Surgeon. And that helps me how?

You guys are so not friends. You are like a corporation.


Pain is what forces us to grow.

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