Naomi: Just coming back here, I'm just not sure anymore. How far is too far for everyone? I'm sorry...I just - nothing feels right here anymore. I wish it did, but it just doesn't. I can't. I just can't be here.
Gabriel: Then, come with me then. I was over you...over you. Back at the NIH doing the kind of work I love, and they were happy to have me back...excited about the cutting edge research I was doing for them. They threw money at me. Research grants, post docs, unlimited lab resources - It was a dream job and I had it all. I had everything, almost everything. I quit my job and walked out on them. Sold my place and sold everything I owned. I came out here to be with you.
Naomi: You're my past, Gabriel. You're all my past.

You know what. Your boyfriend was my husband for 17 years. He married me. I had his child. So, unless you ever hit those milestones, my relationship with Sam will always trump yours.


Amelia: Life is hard. There's no way to predict what's going to happen. Someone could back out of their driveway tomorrow and mow me down, and I would be dead before you. Right now is all anybody has. Right this minute. And yes, this diagnosis is unspeakably cruel and living with it will be a daily struggle, but as long as the good days outnumber the bad - You gotta live those days. Why would you give up rocky road ice cream before you have to...or swimming in the ocean or driving? God, driving with the top down on a sunny day? That has got to be worth living for.
Michelle: It is. Right now when you say it, it is. But when you're not here cheering me on how am I going to make it through this?
Amelia: First off, I am your friend and I will be here cheering you on until you take your last breath.

Parenting is more than onesies and bassinets. It's a lifelong commitment no matter how long or short that life is.


Sheldon: Grief has its own timeline.
Addison: Wait, wait...what does that mean?
Sheldon: When you can't get off until the ride stops.

Pete: This is why doctors shouldn't treat their friends.
Amelia: I'm doing this because I'm her friend.

Naomi: The last time I saw you, you yelled at me and you just rolled off.
Gabriel: Rolled? Really... Nae?
Naomi: That, that's not what I meant.
Gabriel: He's gone, and I'm back. So, let the wooing begin.

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