Now pass the ketchup I need to drown out the taste of my first ever chili dog


Marco: Why don't you write her a Dear John letter while your at it
Charlie: What are you talking about?
Marco: Don't be coy with me Chuckles

Marco: How's my little Jackie Collins doing?
Megan: Huh?
Marco: In my heart your up here writing trashy romance novels, don't take that away from me

Rose: Sage is just mad because our friend Precious is getting all famous
Sage: She's not famous, she did a movie with elephants and subtitles
Rose: I hate subtitles
Sage: Yeah everyone does

Megan: We can talk about it as long as you want and if its really upsetting to you then..
Sage: Then you'll leave us alone? Then okay, we're really upset. Bye

Charlie: Not every guy is gonna cheat on you
Megan: You say there but I haven't told you about the hot blond in Jacob's office
Charlie: Here we go
Megan: I'm not crazy. There was a vibe!
Charlie: I'm sure there was. You're still crazy

Megan: Who said I'm not ready?
Charlie: Another question for your therapist, by the way which I'm not

You're not gonna start singing songs from Annie are you? Because I bet my bottom dollar that you could.


No kissing on campus. That was rule... I'm not sure which rule that was, but it's an important one

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