Marco: Man at the front door carries a surfboard as an accessory. Has a smile that can light up my Christmas tree through February.
Megan: Charlie!
Marco: Ahh Charles. bachelor number three, a fine specimen
Megan: I'm not dating him
Marco: I hate you

Megan: You can't not try because you're afraid your gonna fail... that'd be like not wanting to go on a date because your afraid all guys will cheat on you... that'd be like not writing because your afraid your not gonna get published anyways
Rose: Are we talking about Sex and the City now? Because I loved that movie..

Megan: the whole tutor and headmaster feels like a whole Andrew McCarthy movie gone to DVD.

Megan: You can have my work number
Mr Cassidy: That's just your cell phone number right?
Megan: I'm an independent contractor

Megan: Being in the principal's office kinda makes you feel like a kid a again. You probably are a kid. Bad kid if your sitting here. I was a good kid. Not that I'm judging you. Just saying. Hugs, not drugs.
Receptionist: Mr. Cassidy will see you now.
Megan [to kid]: I'll put in a good word for you

Sage: If she has to laurel will buy you in to duke just like Parker's dad bought him into brown.
Megan: Hello? If that's the case what am I doing here?
Sage: Good point, don't forget to write

Charles: thereapized?
Megan: It's a new verb I'm working on. Of or related to having too much therapy. It's going to be in the book

I just came to my senses and remembered she's a boyfriend-stealing trampy tramp


Megan: I had to go on a date just so people wouldn't think I was a lesbian..
Marco: I could see that...
Megan: I know I would make such a great lesbian.. but sadly I'm straight

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