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I fall asleep and someone grabs the sleep remote and switches to nightmare channel.


My whole life changed while I wasn’t paying attention and I can’t be around people who constantly remind me that it’s only going to get worse.


Be careful my dear, you think you have the answers but you don't even know what the questions are.

Mrs. Grunwald

Who can I sue in this town for making my boyfriend as crazy as a bag of cats?


Two fisted coffee drinker, that's serious.


There's so much death, it's like the town's soaked in it.


Made me really wanna dig in there and find out what's going on. I can get really annoying when I get like that.


With all due respect, I don’t believe in any of that life after death soul crap.


Be patient with him, you brought questions but you also brought memories.

Mrs. Gruenwald

You do realize people just felt sorry for me after what happened the other night, that’s why they voted for me.


When we sleep our minds open to all matters of stimuli.

Mrs. Grunwald

Caleb the road was clear. She grabbed the wheel. The next thing I know my car was full of river.

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Ravenswood Quotes

I think you're supposed to start off with "Hello."


Ravenswood has to be the only town in the country without a website.