I'm in a nunnery of one.


Claude: Honestly, mother! How many people have you killed?
Catherine: Shhh!

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Have you learned nothing?

Catherine [to Mary]

Bash: To see you smile is to feel the sun, your grace.
Mary: Do you flirt with everyone?
Bash: Absolutely everyone.

When Mary returns I don't want her to see me cowed and powerless, pretending I am blind to injustice. I want her to see the man and the king she thought she married.


Mary, I know that you think I belittle your marriage by comparing it to mine, but that is not why I talk to you the way I do. I walked this road first, that's all, and I learned if you hold on to foolish romantic expectations, it will make it that much harder.


Francis: Why are you kneeling?
Bash: Because you are King and I am nothing, until you make me something.

I am Scottish. This country is in my blood as I know it is yours.


France, I think I shall never see you again.


My mother thinks I killed the twins, to the point that she was trying to poison me.


Francis: I was riding:
Sebastian: Oh, really? Who?

You do have a way of leaving chaos in your wake.


Reign Quotes

I will spill blood to defend what's mine.


What else could I be but a witch?