My dearest Mary. If you are reading this, you are leaving France to reclaim your Scottish throne. I always knew this day would come and I wish I could be at your side as you set sail to take back what is yours. In the darkest of times you were my conscience. Your heart was my light, Mary, and it burned so very bright for France. No matter how far you go, that light will burn forever.


Have you learned nothing?

Catherine [to Mary]

Mary: Lord Castleroy, I know I can't imagine what prison must do to one's soul. But I do know this: the love you felt for Greer, love like that doesn't just disappear. Not completely. There is always an ember remaining.

Francis: Mary, this is the most dangerous thing you have every done! Do you really love him that much? I thought that this was about your healing. But now you've done what a queen must never do, you've put the personal above the political, his safety above the nation's.
Mary: Whatever happens to him, it's over. I will never see him again.
Francis: You say that as if somehow, I've won. But how can it be over when he's still ingrained in your heart? You will always see him just as I will always see you. Naked, in each others' arms.

So I sent you here to wed a king and find you engaged to a bastard.

Marie de Guise

France, I think I shall never see you again.


The time has come for you to either dole out mercy or to crush them all but, whatever you choose, their is no turning back.


Mary: Are you wearing mink-lined boots?
Catherine: Well if I have to run I want to look good doing it.

When you took my lands you said that you'd make it up to me one day. Well this is that day. I want repayment. Let Castleroy go.


Amelie: As to your marriage, I've learned to live with wanting things I can't have.
Francis: Well, that's a lesson I'd like to learn.

Gifford: Mary Queen of Scots, did you really think you could wear the English Coat of Arms and not be apprised?
Catherine: Elizabeth is behind the impostors!

Mary: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that.
Bash: You're right, I should have.

Reign Quotes

Have you learned nothing?

Catherine [to Mary]

Rowan: Those who look upon it are taken. And those who are taken die.
Bash: How convenient.