I don't give my heart or give up easily.


I know I told you to go to Lola, but then the Plague came and you knowingly abandoned me to a nightmare. You are the King who deserted his castle and I am the Queen who was left behind, alone. Alone because of your mistakes. Of all the people you could have slept with, did it have to be one of my ladies? One of my closest friends?


So you're my new keeper.


Our love will die here.


Mary, I know that you think I belittle your marriage by comparing it to mine, but that is not why I talk to you the way I do. I walked this road first, that's all, and I learned if you hold on to foolish romantic expectations, it will make it that much harder.


Kenna: I don't need to be part of your schemes.
Queen Catherine: Oh, you do. For SO many reasons.

I wonder whose face you're imagining in that target. A Portuguese prince, perhaps?


Claude: Honestly, mother! How many people have you killed?
Catherine: Shhh!

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Well, your taste in men always did leave something to be desired.

Narcisse [to Catherine]

Prince Magnus [to Lola]: You are hereby banned from Denmark for life.
Elizabeth: It's a fate worse than death, apparently.

What odd turns our lives have taken. Mary, I can't believe this is goodbye.


Lola: Despite your heartbreak, I must warn you, I show no mercy.
Elizabeth: Lady Lola, I expect no less.

Reign Quotes

No matter what happens, I love you.


Women don't often say no to Henry. When they do, he thinks it's a game. It usually is.

Queen Catherine