I'm sorry we've come to this.


Dudley: We can't do this.
Elizabeth: Then tell me how to stop.

Francis: You must wed again. You must love again.
Mary: I can't. I will never. I will never love anyone the way that I love you.
Francis: I pray to God that you do.

You think you're untouchable, that your sins will stay buried, but they don't.


Mary: I was at French court before, you know, when I was your age. I never saw any ghosts.
Girl: But what if they saw you?

If Elizabeth has a stronghold in France and Conde's claim to the throne this may mean the end of our reign.


You crushed the rebellion by yourself.


Mary: I can't let him go.
Catherine: Let go and hold on to me.

Francis: You are so beautiful. If you could see what I see...
Mary: I am quite happy with my view.

We were meant to be happy, and we were, but I have another fate, predicted long ago.

Francis [to Mary]

Francis: Your birthright is your most precious possession. Think twice before trading it.
Mary: You are my most precious possession.

We were supposed to dance under the stars.


Reign Quotes

I'm sorry we've come to this.


Marie de Guise: Marry Francis--not some bastard who might be king some day.
Mary: His name is Sebastian.