The outcome of chaos can never be predicted. The only certainty it brings is the devastation it leaves in its wake.


Sail away. Fall in love. Go make little volunteer babies.


Tyler: How do I look?
Amanda: Under medicated.

I should have left months ago but you know, life gets in the way.


It's been a weird summer and you're nursing a heartache and some broken ribs.


One day you may or may not become Daniel's wife but I will always be his mother.


Just promise me one more time. No secrets of any kind, ever.


Emily's not your friend, Amanda. She's your competition.


We're fiddling while Rome burns, are we?


The best way to fight chaos is with chaos.


As soon as you think she's going to let you fly, she clips your wings and puts you back in your cage.


It could be nothing or it could be Pandora's box.


Revenge Season 1 Quotes

My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

Emily Thorne

The greatest weapon anyone can use against us is our own mind. By preying on the doubts and uncertainties that already lurk there. Are we true to to ourselves? Or do we live for the expectations of others? And if we are open and honest, can we ever truly be loved? Can we find the courage to release our deepest secrets, or in the end are we all unknowable... even to ourselves.