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Who’d have thought that between the two of us you’re the crazy one.


Monroe: What was I supposed to do? He’s my son.
Miles: Oh shut up, you've been his Dad for five minutes, and all of sudden you’re Cliff Huxtable?

Gene: How did you know I was here?
Charlie: Because you’re exactly like Mom! Neither of you will listen!

This poker face is my face.


Monroe: What? You've got something to say? Say it.
Rachel: I have to help you find your son after you killed mine.

I stopped yelling at old people it wasn't getting a damn thing done.


Charlie: Mom said to stay put.
Gene: Since when do you listen to a word she says?

Well, congratulations, you've made to Mexico now go enjoy the Mexican Dream.


You brought my kid down here Miles? This is nice. What’d you do, buy him a handjob and an eight ball?

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