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I have lost damn near everything in this world, but you are my son you are all that’s left. So whatever it takes you are gonna come back from this.


Rachel: What?
Miles: You're a complicated woman.

Those are the Texas Rangers.


So, Monroe, that's quite a twist.


Charlie: Why are you doing this?
Monroe: A show of faith. I need you to take me to Miles and your Mom. I know I can never make it up, but I've gotta try.

Miles: You shouldn't have come.
Rachel: You've done stupider things for me.

I'm not Harry Potter, okay? I'm an agnostic Jew from Minnesota.


You send any of your boys in I will slit her throat. I've still got one good hand left.


Keep your eyes at sea level or I poke them out.


Miles: I bet you're regretting your career choice right about now.
Sheriff: You could say that.

Well then you're even dumber than you look which believe me makes you seriously dumb.


Miles: Your dad told you stories of Walker, Texas Ranger?
Sheriff: Why? Have you heard of him?
Miles: His legend's known far and wide.

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Revolution Quotes

80 million dollars in the bank and I would trade it all, right now, for a roll of Charmin.


Tom: To tell you the truth, when General Monroe finds out, he's gonna be irate and he might even have my head.
Danny: Let's hope.