Oh no. I hate flying, and I get jet lagged and L.A. is so not my style.


Maybe he's wanted for questioning somewhere, or he has a parking ticket in Topeka.


Jane: One guy asked me to wax his banister.
Maura: That's not a thing.

Frankie: I know how to make coffee.
Jane: Your last pot tasted like motor oil.

Maura: You must have lost soldiers in the field.
Kent: But I didn't have to deal with their families, didn't have to feel their pain.

Don't worry, she's broken the best of us.


Sarah: How is that possible?
Jane: I think you know, Sarah. Who put the poison in Duke's food?

Vince: That is one big dog.
Frankie: You could put a saddle on him and ride him into the show.

Nina: So how you doing?
Angela: I think you know.
Nina: Frankie and Jane?

I'm moving to Florida. You come to help me pack?


It's like a bad romance novel.


It takes a big man not to go to another man's office and punch him in the face.


Rizzoli & Isles Quotes

Maura: You still have pain?
Jane: No, I just like saying ow.

Even you would look bad if a bullet had gone through you.