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Angela: Well there's no advancement in my field without continuing education.
Ian: What's your field?
Angela: I run the police cafe.

Maura: Instant! You served me instant?
Jane: I'm so tired you're lucky I didn't serve you Drano.

Maura: You okay?
Jane: What, because I saw my own personal boogie man today? No.

Thank you for playing the annoy the uncaffeinated detective game


You didn't trust me enough to protect you and you didn't protect me.


Oh my God. I'm going straight to hell. I'm stealing a sippy cup.


Jane: I hate it when you correct me.
Maura: I hate it when you forget about Mr. Adverb.

Maura: What if I practice my swing in that cagey thing?
Jane: It's called a batting cage, Maura.

Jane: I hate it when you drive.
Maura: I hate it more when you undress and drive.

Eighteenth century beer sucks.


Maura: Well what am I suppose to get you for your birthday?
Jane: What is that? The duck boat ride?

Just know I don't serve coq au vin, I serve coco puffs.

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