Royal Pains

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Royal pains
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Evan: You could be my eyes and ears!
Paige: Or I could be a professional and do my job?

How's it going Boss Tweed?


Does that make you look slick and oily?


Evan: I think I just got my first issue.
Hank: I think you just got your first bribe.

Hank: If you can't join them, crush them?
Shelby: I am sure it will be a while before I can crush you.

I am just not ready to have a baby.


Could you put your freakout on pause?


I am not ten! You cannot send me out to play!


You're not going to be able to take care of your dogs you can't take care of yourself.


I forgot to check one little box...itty bitty box.


Our non-business is sending you on your vacation. Show a little gratitude.


Divya: We didn't check any bags...
Jeremiah: I'm leaving tonight...

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