Cole: Oh like you're so great? you're wishy washy, you're obsessed with horses and there's that weird role play where you make me pretend I'm black.
Lucy: Is this coming from Cole or Deshaun?
Cole: Both.

You can't just jump in front of golf carts, that's how gardeners die.


You're smart, nice and smell like the beach. Not like the kind of beach with dead fish, homeless dudes camping, and that weird foamy stuff...


Lucy: Denise, that was girl talk. You have broken a sacred bond between sisters.
Denise: Oh no, now I'm not gonna be able to wear the traveling pants this week. Look, I know that you have daddy slash food slash body slash horse issues. But Cole? Really?

Drew, if I wanted to be with a girl, I could. Save all the emotional crap for your diary.

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