J.D.: Hey Todd, will do you do me a favor and sit on this?
The Todd: Dude or chick? Wait, don't tell me. I'm fine either way.

Dr. Cox: What's your name?
Drew: Drew.
Dr. Cox: I'm taking an interest in you.
Drew: Was that good for me?
Denise: You know I don't care. Now grab me like a man.

Turk: Is that what you're wearing to teach?
J.D.: I'll have you know this is the very jacket Michelle Pfeiffer wore in Dangerous Minds.

If you're gonna kill yourself, and I'm looking at you sad eyes, do it off campus, it's a ton of paperwork.


You're not medical students. You are all murders and assassins sent here to kill my patients.

Dr. Cox

Cole: After class, you want to go somewhere and get weird?
Lucy: I think you skipped a few steps.

Don't smell people, it's weird.

Denise [to Lucy]

Thank you so much for making mommies boobs so big, they're almost juggs.

J.D. [to Elliot's belly]
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