Why is it always squeaky old dirty places? Why can't he hide in a mall or a nice hotel?


I knew I should have brought demon chasing shoes!


Cassie: My father didn't love her. He just used her.
Diana: He used all of our parents. And now he's using us.
Cassie: For what?

Adam: Things will get better, I promise.
Melissa: When? I thought having magic was supposed to be magical.

He won all of us over, but we're just the two idiots who slept with him.


Oh no you don't cursed crusaders. First a ride, the next thing you know you're dancing and then my date is dead in my arms.


Let's hurry up. I wouldn't want you to miss your imaginary meeting.


Faye: You've got that look.
Jake: What look?
Faye: That look that you're about to invade a small country with nothing but your tortured soul.

Cassie: I've never been to a prom.
Diana: It usually doesn't involve ancient crystals and time travel.

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