The Secret Circle Review: A Double Dose of Sibling Rivalry

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"Prom" was a strong episode of The Secret Circle and, thankfully, different than any other example of a teen drama prom we've seen this year. One thing remained the same - and either television shows are much different than real life or things have changed a lot since I attended prom - and that's the following:

I don't remember one person attending stag.

Even Grant told Diana he that Chance Harbor was weird for that. In my world, if you didn't have a date, you didn't go. Has that changed? That would be one reason to go back in time and revisit high school. To dump my date and have fun.

Diana and Cassie

Poor, sweet Melissa.
Melissa was the only one in the circle to stand up for Nick upon his somewhat strange return, and all she earned from it was more pain. Nick said he needed a crystal to save his life. That's awfully convenient. Whatever Nick became after he died, pushing around Melissa wasn't the only thing he didn't mind doing. Snapping an innocent man's neck was like child's play.

If the demon was possessing his body and keeping him alive, why wasn't his body rotting? It didn't really matter in the end, as the only one strong enough to end his reign of terror was the one who loved him the most, sweet Melissa.

Melissa's mini meltdown in the hallway at prom was very revealing. She pointed out that their circle was so busy searching for crystals and fighting off deranged bad guys that nobody would ever sign their yearbooks or vote them most likely to... anything. I'm glad they took the time to point out how limited their world as witches has become.

They're virtually cut off from everyone but each other. That's why Diana and Grant seem like they will never have a chance. Melissa at least got to experience one magical moment of dancing with Adam. It was a really sweet gesture.

Party on Faye!
You have to love Faye's spirit. Returning dead friends be damned, she was not going to let anything ruin prom! She was at her witty best and once there she demanded to enjoy the night when she dragged Jake onto the dance floor. It was hard for me to imagine that someone as lovely as she would ever wait around for three hours for him to show up, but that was the tale of their previous prom adventure. She had a lot more forgiveness in her heart than I mine!

Kudos to Jake for taking a moment out of hunting down his demon brother in the middle of a dirty wet junkyard to apologize to Faye for once standing her up. Let's all say it together now, awwwwwwwww.

Cassie and Diana make better friends than enemies.
With Cassie's and Diana's little trek back in time, they learned exactly who John Blackwell was and how he manipulated his circle and all their parents to create their circle. But they had no idea why he did it. It appeared that Elizabeth and Amelia shared the same power struggle within their circle as Cassie and Diana do now. They learned a lot from watching their moms, and the revelations left them both pretty shaken up.

With as few relatives as Cassie had left, you'd think that Diana would have thought through what she said to her, but she slammed Cassie good, blaming everything that happened in two generations on her and Amelia. When Diana got home and Charles confessed a sin of his own, she realized just how much bigger it all was than two teenage girls.

Does anybody believe John Blackwell?
Seriously? Eben got away and took Faye with him? Blackwell, you bastard, I call BS! He had to know the circle was turning against him and the only way to get them to use that last crystal and work with him was to let Eben go and take one of their own with him.

Why else would he send all of the other witches away to help Cassie while he dealt with Eben, knowing fully well he didn't have enough power to take him on? Granted, Faye wanted to stay and help, but what are the odds Faye really slipped from his grasp?

The kicker is that I really have absolutely no idea. From one moment to the next, it's like Blackwell is a ping pong ball going back and forth. One minute I'm certain he's completely evil, and the next I sense good in him. Perhaps the end game will be that he lies somewhere in between, as do we all. The game they are playing with him is freaking fantastic, though. Not being able to determine the truth just makes The Secret Circle all the more compelling.

Join us back her one more time this season next week for The Secret Circle season sinale. Keep your fingers crossed that these two episodes kick some butt in the ratings and we make it to season two. I think the show has definitely earned the privilege, don't you?


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I love secret circle, wish adam 2 marry cassis again does blackwall kill cassis and diana wat happen at d end?


You write very well!


can wait to see season 2


I really hope his show gets another season or more,it just keeps getting better.And Adam is really starting to grow on m e,i mean he was always kind of a muffin to me.And all that eyeliner didnt help,but he is a great friend towards Melissa.And it was crazy how there were all teen moms(Reminds me of he Lifetime movie The Pregnancy Jake and Faye r so hot together

Strawberry fields

Can we please get a confirmation that the show will be renewed? It's getting really good, it would be such a shame, if it got cancelled now. Diana went a little overboard with her accusations that the whole Blackwell situation is Cassie's fault. Yes, Cassie has a serious problem with trusting random people, but I didn't hear everyone else in the circle protesting all that much against Blackwell's help when they needed it. And let's face it - they did need help and that dude kind of saved their asses a few times. If Diana had a problem with John being part of everything, she should have made it clear a long time ago. It's easy to point fingers once the damage is done. And even though I feel really bad for her (now that she knows Charles killed Amelia), I can't help but feel a little glad that the reality came back to bite her in the ass. Karma. Bringing Nick back just to kill him all over again - not very cool.


It seems weird to me that the Circle's parents all had kids while they were in high school. Besides that, I thought this episode was terrific. Definitely the best episode the Secret Circle has had so far. I'm hoping they get renewed. Also - i'm liking the chemistry between Melissa and Adam! These two need to get together and so do Jake and Faye. Its nice to see other couples besides Cassie/Adam or Cassie/Jake. I also think Diana's storyline is going in an interesting direction. I wonder if she'll leave home or move in with Cassie? I know I wouldn't be able to live with my dad if I found out he killed someone!


Diana's hand has been forced. This revelation of her father Charles' character and choices will most likely throw her back onto herself and question who she really is, as opposed to who she thought she was. Oh, she'll be dipping into that dark well, all we need is the next season to see that play out. REnewAl, PLEASE!!!!


I agree with "MrsMorgan". I think John is in cahoots with Eban. And I don't think Faye stayed behind to help, I think she wanted to try and see what John is up to, and they caught her. Faye was determined to stay where Blackwell was, and she had something more on her mind than 'helping'. Eban has some serious power he's throwing around, and having some serious fun doing it, he looked downright gleeful at one point. And he wanted the demon 'back'?, out of Nick?....if this is accurate, then he sent it forth in the first place. There does not seem to be any other witch with access to such dark powers, and able to so empower someone else as John Blackwell. And I keep wondering who Grants boss is, that's got to be a tie in...the witchhunters seem to favor travel by sea... Diana has just begun the tumble that all those who set themselves upon a pedestal of self righteous superiority are destined to take. The moral high ground is actually a very dangerous place, and Diana's hand has been forced. This revelation of her father Charles' character and choices will most likely throw her back onto herself and question who she really is, as opposed to who she thought she was. Oh, she'll be dipping into that dark well, all we need is the next season to see that play out. REnewAl, PLEASE!!!!


Okay look, in this last episode we found out that Blackwell made some magic to make every girl in the circle pregnant. And it's not that weird because he wanted a full circle to himself. Why? We still don't know, but I'm pretty sure we'll find out soon, so don't be in such a hurry. Now I have to agree that it's weird Jake's birth, because he's older and it doesn't make sense. The writers have proved that they're good so let's just hope they'll have an explanation to this, too. P.S Liking Faye and Jake's chemistry!


I'm going to ignore the unexplained ages of the parents' Circle and get right to it. What if John and Eben are working together? Sure, Eben tried to kill John before, but what if that was a set-up too? John could sense the original Circle turning on him so he gets Eben to kill most of them off and disappears to re-group until the kids' Circle is ready? Then, he gets Eben to make a threat big enough for the Circle to trust anything John says and they make the crystal skull for him. Then, in the end, John double-crosses Eben and makes off with the skull: the ultimate power.
Also, how can Nick be the 'traitor witch' if he's basically crazy and dying without the demon inside him? I think John is/was the traitor witch.
Was anyone else heartbroken by Melissa killing Nick? And Jake possibly seeing that bit of real Nick inside the shell that Melissa kept talking about? That whole scene with the three of them broke my heart.

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