My ego is firmly in tact thank you very much. If you'd release your pet monkeys here I'll be happy to give the wicked witch a personal demonstration.


I hope all your studying paid off. Cause it's test time.


We'll have a better chance surviving your dad's desert than Zod's Thunderdome.


In the arena we answer failure with the only thing suitable. Death.


My entire future just leapt head first into a world that makes Hell look like the Taj Mahal. I'm not gonna leave here until I know he's safe.


I'd say Slade's living proof that someone stole your key to never never escape land.


Don't worry. My for better or for worse will include your love of hair metal.


The Blur? No, no. Sounds like a roller coaster or something. You need something strong, something simple. Something that starts with that "S" you wear. Something....super!

Booster Gold

One move bug, I will zap you to honeybee heaven.

Booster Gold

You can be a hero. You just have to have faith in who you are and what you're going to be.

Booster Gold (to Jaime)

Either one's fine, I don't really have a bad side guys.

Booster Gold

Nice glasses.

Booster Gold (to Clark)

Smallville Quotes

Lois: You've got to be kidding me. Little Mermaid, I dated your prince for like a day.
Mera: It's understandable that you would seek a superior companion. I'm just surprised that powerful men would choose someone with lesser ability.
Lois: Listen squid lips, you don't know anything about me or Clark.

Chloe: The true test of believing is someone knowing their lies are there to protect you.
Chloe: It's not really trust if you have to ask people to explain themselves.