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I just got molested by Casper the pervy ghost! That's what happened!


Danny: You hunt ghosts?
Dean: That's right.
Danny: Like Scooby-Doo?
Dean: Better.

Dean: Dog: it's what's for dinner.

What kind of ghost messes with a man's wheels?!?


Mrs. Curry: I already told the local boys, there was blood... everywhere.
Dean: And Mr. Gibson, where was he?
Mrs. Curry: Everywhere.

Sam: It's probably a dumbwaiter. All these old houses had them.
Dean: Know-it-all.
Sam: What?
Dean: What?
Sam: You said...
Dean: What?
Sam: Never mind.

Boy, three bedrooms, two baths, and one homicide. This place is going to sell like hotcakes.

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