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Hit it, Mr. Wizard.


Sam: So we tell him the truth.You say Jesse's destined to go dark side--fine. But he hasn't yet. So if we lay it all out for him... what he is, the Apocalypse, everything - he might make the right choice.
Castiel: You didn't. And I can't take that chance.

Castiel: (sits on a whoopee cushion) That wasn't me.
Dean: Who put that there?

Jesse: What, didn't your dad tell you about the Tooth Fairy?
Dean: My dad? My dad told me different stories

Sam: Oh, d-dude... that's not what I think it is, is it?
Dean: I got bored. That nurse was hot.
Sam: You know you can go blind from that, too.

Dean: Yeah, everything Jesse believes comes true. He thinks the Tooth Fairy looks like Belushi, uh, joy buzzers really shock people, boom that's what happens.
Sam: Yeah, but convince him that joy buzzers don't actually work and they go from killer machines back into crap toys.
Dean: Probably doesn't even know he's doing it. How is he doing it?

Sam: Dude, what the hell?
Dean: I had a hunch I went with it.
Sam: You risked my ass on a hunch?
Dean: You're fine. Besides now we know who's turning this town into Willy Wonka's worst nightmare.

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