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I thought you said that we were like family. I believe that too. Shouldn't trust run both ways?


I'm Dean, the guy who hit you. I just, uh, I lost control for a minute and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I'm real happy you two are both ok. I'm so glad your life can get back to normal now.


Castiel: Dean, I said I'm sorry and I meant it.
Dean: Thank you. I wish this changed anything.
Castiel: I know. So do I.

Balthazar: Drinking your feelings Sam? I thought that was your brother's bag.
Sam: Stressful times.

Expert on Lovecraft: You know, trench coat: looks like Columbo, talks like Rain Man.

You know, we're not all alike.

Dr. Visyak

Next customer.


Your chocolate has been in my peanut butter for far too long.


Dean: Am I supposed to know who that is?
Bobby: Horror writer? At the Mountains of Madness? The Call of Cthulu?
Dean: Yeah, no. I was too busy having sex with women.

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