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Submit or die. What are you? French?


I'm asking you, Father, one last time. Am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? You have to tell me, you have to give me a sign. Give me a sign! Because if you don't I'm going to do whatever I must.


Next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family. You are like a brother to me. So, if I'm asking you not to do something, you've got to trust me, man.


Castiel: Whose Heaven is this?
Raphael: Ken Lay's. I'm borrowing it.
Castiel: I still question his admittance here.
Rapahel: He's devout. Trumps everything.

Bobby: But if we ain't, if there's a snowball of a snowball's chance here, that means we're dealing with a Superman here who's gone darkside. Which means we've got to be cautious, we've got to be smart, and maybe stock up on some Kryptonite.
Dean: [to Sam] This makes you Lois Lane.

Don't worry? What, like Lucifer didn't worry? Or Michael? Or Lillith? Or Allistair? Or Azazel didn't worry? Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn't underestimate those nightmares!?


C'mon, dry dung can only be stacked so high.


I've been here for a very long time.

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