First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate myself for being the most naïve person in the history of Survivor.


I hope you love Redemption Island as much as I love writing your name down.


I'm a loser then.


Boston Rob: This is my fourth time on Survivor and I've been on a lot of rewards. But I'll tell you what I've never done: is landed on top of an active volcano.

Superior tribes, like ours, find a way to win.


We almost lost ya, Philip.

Boston Rob

I feel like there are people here who don't deserve to be here.


I told God I'm gonna stay out here as long as he wants me to be out here.


Philip has a big mouth, he likes to talk and he can't be trusted. He's dangerous because of his stupidity. He's probably the most unaware person I've ever met in my entire life.

Boston Rob

Philip wanted to go to the duel. He's not allowed to go without a chaperone. I gotta baby sit his ass for the day.

Boston Rob

I don't trust you, but I have no problems with you.


Genius is what that was.


Survivor Season 22 Quotes

I can't believe it has taken 38 days to finally write your name down. I won't miss you, you're a nut case.


Sorry if I ever seemed creepy.