The Amazing Race

Fridays 8:00 PM on CBS
The amazing race
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Son of a buck!


Jen: Kisha, gather our stuff.
Kisha: I don't really know exactly how to do that. I have a kangaroo suit on.

Ow! I just slammed my tail in the door.


I think my Dad and I need those [bouncing shoes].


I got an A in chemistry. I'm glad it finally came in handy.


I'm just glad I don't have to carry Zev in my pouch.


When you see this clue, you're gonna lose your mind. Periodic Table.

Big Easy

Jet: Hg and Bi?
Cord: I dunno, Jet. You watch way more Discovery Channel than I do.

I think I found my Halloween costume.


We have a freaking market here.


Cord: Race you to the car!
Jet: We're not last. Woo!!!

Vyxsin, please get me children!

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