The Amazing Race

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The amazing race
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Vicki: Luck was not on our side
Nick: Until now.

I never thought I'd be planting potatoes in Russia in a woman's dress.


I would chew my nails off right now with cow poop under them not to get eliminated.


Brooke: I get the first shower, right?
Claire: Hell yea, you do!

Look at you looking all good in that babushka outfit.


I've got cow poop all over me.


It was a little bit of race with a whole lot of drag. A lot more queen than cars.


These skinny girls can do everything.

I have your poop and potatoes.


I have to fill this with manure. That's not something you do every day, huh?


Claire: Aren't you proud, Michael?
Michael: Yes!

I just stepped in poo!

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The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 6 Quotes

We're in Russia and we're rushin through traffic.


It's so late at night and it's still light out. It's amazing.