The Amazing Race

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The amazing race
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Quitting is not for me.


Everyone and their mother from Malaysia is turning into this parking lot right now.


[Phil] you should play poker when you're done, you're good at this.


Whose life could use a splash of color?!? Ahhhh, that's me!

Jordan (Pious)

Come on, Caite, you coconut smashing fool!


There ain't a person on this Penang island who can break coconuts faster than Jet can.


I'm not really crafty. This is my first time making arts and crafts.


If you break 'em all, no one is going to beat you.

Cord (referring to the coconuts)

That one is for all the people in Rhode Island.

Jordan (Pious)

Jet: How do you say fast in Malaysian?
Cord: Fast

Right now, we're tied for sixth, but we're also tied for first and that's better than being in sixth all alone.


My dream is to win The Amazing Race.

Jordan (Pious)
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