The Amazing Race

Fridays 8:00 PM on CBS
The amazing race
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If he jumped out of your trash can, he'd scare you half to death

Jet (referring to He Pingping)

It's like communicating with Martians.


Mike and Louie's cab stayed with us, so it is like the blind leading the blind.


I'm flipping out that I'm the last girl standing.


Dan: I hate him just as much now as I did before.
Jordan: I love him just a little bit more now because he's making my dream come true.

The closest thing to a music instrument we play is a radio.


Get a good long shot of that bitchy mug.


Who's ready to add some stress to their day? That's me.


She's on You Tube for a reason.

Brandi (referring to Caite)

They U-Turned us because you're prettier than she is.


I could have run this race with anyone else, it never would have been the experience I'm having with my brother.


I'm the man.

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