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The Amazing Race Season 16

"Huger Than Huge"

The final three teams race to the final city, San Francisco. We reveal who won and how they did it in our full recap.

"They Don't Even Understand Their Own Language"

The final four teams race to determine which three teams will race for the one million dollar final prize. Our full recap hits the highlights of the entire leg.

"I Feel Like I'm In, Like, Sicily"

The racers travel to Shanghai this week on The Amazing Race.

"Dumb Did Us In"

The other teams try to band together to get Carol and Brandi eliminated by using the U-Turn on them. Read on to find out if they were successful

"You're Like Jason Bourne, Right?"

The teams raced through Malaysia for the eighth leg of The Amazing Race. Read on to find out who finished last.


Teams traveled to The Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. Our full recap covers the entire seventh leg of the race.

"Cathy Drone?"

This leg of the Amazing Race had teams running through the champagne valley of France. Our full recap highlights all the stops.

"I Think We Are Fighting The Germans"

In the fifth leg of the Amazing Race, the competitors travel to France and compete in a World War II challenge.

"We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt"

The eight remaining teams departed the Pit Stop at Estancia Fortin Chacabuco in Argentina this week. Read on to see where they went next.

"Run Like Scalded Dogs!"

What a great title for this week's installment. It's called "Run Like Scalded Dogs!"

"When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head"

The remaining teams departed the Pit Stop in Valparaiso this week. We've got a full rundown of events from the episode.

"Nanna is Kickin' Your Butt!"

This is the 16th season premiere of The Amazing Race. Humorously, CBS has titled it "Nanna is Kickin' Your Butt!."

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