The Amazing Race

Fridays 8:00 PM on CBS
The amazing race
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For me I run a little bit and I'm impressed with myself.


Right before the doors lift, these guys are going to be Indiana Jonesing in.


Jill: I feel really bad about that encounter.
Thomas: I don't.

Brook: When we walk into that airport I really think he's gonna poop his pants.
Claire: We really might see him poop his pants.

Kat: I've been to Hong Kong before, I think Nat's gonna like it.
Nat: Am I going to be the tallest person there?

I'd be ok with not seeing any of the teams until we won the million dollars.


There's a lot of staring in Bangladesh.


Even though we didn't win the million, I still feel like a very rich man.


We are hanging on by a thread.


I decorated that puppy out in two seconds flat.


I'm gonna charge through it like a spidermonkey.


This is, like, a lot of nuts and bullets.

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