The Amazing Race

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The amazing race
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You're not going to have a very good teammate if I'm passed out.


"You're too nice" - Nick to Vicki

We can't break the laws here in Bangladesh. We really don't want to go to jail here.


Smells like poop.


Vicki: Is it good?
Nick: No, it tasted like sweet grass.

Everybody has body odor from hell.


Hard work sometimes does pay off.


Vicki: I'm excited about going to Bangladesh
Nick: I'm just not excited about that double u-turn.

I just don't want to lose to a pair of girls too.


Phil: Is that a huge relief?
Nick: You have no idea.

Ali Baba, we're looking for you!


Vicki: Babe, now I'm soaking wet.
Nick: Who cares.

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