Gabriel: I was not the leak.
Flynn: But you were the source.
Provenza: Unless you've never said anything stupid to a woman you were in love with, why don't you just stop what you're doing for a minute and let the man finish.

Don't ask me if you need to talk to me, kay? Just say listen.


You need to get out of my house, you need to get out of my church, and you need to get out of my life, Ann!


Peter said? You're calling that sonofabitch Peter?


Gabriel: But, we met when she joined my church!
Taylor: I think that was the plan, David.
Gabriel: You were paid to meet me at church? You came to my church? So the Sunday that we met, and you came up and introduced yourself and said you needed legal advice, that was all part of some plan?

For example, even though it appears no laws were broken, we all have doubts about the way Chief Johnson settled affairs with Terrell Baylor. Did you share your doubts with Ann?


That's a lot of weapons to be carryin around Luke. Are you gettin ready for Armageddon?


Is there any other blindingly obvious thing you'd like to point out to us?


Hey guys! Look over here. A pink bra and 12 condoms. Now that's what I call optimism.


Well, I'm not an attorney like you are, but we found the guy lying in the street with his face blown away so, yeah, I'm comfortable calling it murder.


Flynn: We still gonna take this case?
Provenza: I'm up, I'm dressed, I'm making time and a half. Let's go.


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The Closer Quotes

Tao: Holy crap! You got him right between the eyes!
Raydor: Lucky shot. The recoil on these beanbag guns is awful.

[To Sgt. Gabriel] I should probably explain that I do not form my relationships with people based on how they're treating you. That would be your mother, maybe.