Ryan: He's delusional. He can't cope with the fact that his own killing spree led to the death of his family.
Mike: Can't believe anything that psycho says anyway.

Andrew: May I offer you a little advice?
Ryan: Yeah well, you're kinda sitting on the wrong end of the table for it to hold much weight, but go ahead, knock yourself out.
Andrew: Confess while there's still time.
Mike: My conscience is clean.
Andrew: Clean or not, until you tell the world what you did, innocent people will keep dying and their blood will be on your hands.

Ryan: Where's Mark?
Andrew: Sorry, you're too late.

Why am I letting you guys have all the fun? C'mon, let's go kill some people.


They've got some kind of an agenda, a message, and they know they haven't given us enough yet to figure it out, which means the killing is only the beginning.


Ryan: Who knows, maybe you'll take my job.
Mike: What, are you leaving us?
Ryan: When it's time.

Because I'm your past. Ryan, you deserve a future, we both do.


I need to be forgiven. But you can't be forgiven, not for that."


I suppose that radio is out of the question, is it?


Thank you for coming. I didn't know who else to call.


Mike: Why didn't you kill him?
Ryan: Because this needs to end, Mike.

Claire looks cute when she's sleepy. Still, I suppose you both know that.


The Following Quotes

Oh wow, are you slow? Lady, you're already dead. It's really just a matter of how bad it's gonna hurt.


Joey: Why is my dad such a bad man?
Emma: Maybe, he's not so bad. Maybe we just don't understand him.