How am I supposed to keep you in the loop? Half the time I don't even know what I'm gonna do?


Jack: That part we'll just chalk up to human error.
Liz: That means Dan.

Jack: What if Ruiz finds out?
Dan: She's either applaud our initiative, or suspend us. Either way, we get some fresh air.

We have reason to believe your brother is alive and well and has stolen the world's ugliest sedan.


Dan: There are no prints on that. I looked.
Jack: Technology has come a long way since "I looked."

This is why I hate small rooms!


Dan: You sure do know a lot about that heroin.
Jack: Thank you.

Dan: We're on the five-yard line. I can feel it tingling in my loins.
Jack: Another good one for the report.

Are you asking me to predict the behavior of a man who uses his service revolver to open a mayonnaise jar?

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