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Taco: Poor little Chalupa is going to lose his crispy outer shell.
Kevin: Could you not speak of my son's member as if it was FourthMeal?

Pete: What was Taco doing outside your apartment?
Sutton: I don't know. He said he worked for the phone company, but it looked like he was just taking a nap.

Pete: So what's it like being counsel for Taco Corp, now that he actually has some money?
Ruxin: Well, there are more meetings, and they're longer, and he keeps talking about some corporate retreat, which I know is just a sweat lodge at Burning Man.

Pete: Taco, you have three girlfriends already!
Taco: I need a back-up! People die all the time! A month ago, I had four girlfriends! Rest in peace, Oksana. Goddamn that mountain lion.

I don't blog about everything. I blog about magic, and sometimes Don Henley.


Foreskin is a MacArthur family institution, like alcoholism.

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