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-Kevin and Jenny fight about whether their newborn son should be circumcised, and decide that the decision will hinge on the outcome of their next fantasy football game. Jenny wins, and Christopher "Chalupa Batman" MacArthur is circumcised.

-Pete and Taco go after the same girl, Sutton. Taco trades the right to ask her out for one of Pete's players, but Sutton still decides that Taco is more her speed.

-The whole gang is desperate to know whether Andre is circumcised or not, and Ruxin brings Shivakamini Somakandarkram herself in to provide an answer.

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Episode Synopsis: Kevin and Jenny argue over whether their son should be circumcised. Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2012 Watch Video Full Streaming HD http://ow.ly/ezzqh

The League Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't blog about everything. I blog about magic, and sometimes Don Henley.


Foreskin is a MacArthur family institution, like alcoholism.