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We should do this again.


You are the queen of my heart, Grace.


Alert the quantum lords.


Lisbon: Its funny how well you two got along.
Jane: Well, I have the same amount of trouble with those pesky quantum lords.

Oliver: He's not my dad. He's a cyber clone sent by the Galactic quantum lords.
Jane: Oh them. They are always up to something shady.

You should tell the truth, it is easier to remember.


Jane: Enough Mr. Tolman. Tell me the truth or I will pop ya.
Annika: Don't even think about it.
Jane: It's soft. It's just a hand. Just a hand.
Tolman: Annika, put the gun down.
Lisbon: Why do you have an armed body guard, Mr. Bundte?

You never watch movies? That's how the bad guys do it.


We are like the FBI only more conveniently located.

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